Product care

All AP shoes are made in Serbia by skilled craftsmen, following production techniques that have been traditionally used for decades.

They are characterized by high quality and precision. In every pair of shoes we make, we invest equal time and care to make the result unique. We use the finest Italian leather in our production, and with our elegant design and skilled craftsmen, the final product is what will make you sophisticated.

Caring for the upper and leather sole is an important part of protecting the longevity and integrity of AP shoes. Shoes in our production can last for years. However, it is important to note that the upper part can last a long time, but that the leather soles must be replaced at some point. Wearing shoes with a reduced sole for too long can cause permanent damage to leather shoes. Although there is no set rule on how to change the sole of your shoes regularly, there are some signs.

Uneven sole wear. Everyone walks differently and one of the joys of owning shoes with leather soles is watching your shoes develop in accordance with your natural movements. What to look out for is uneven spending. While it might be interesting to learn that you favor the outside of the foot, this type of uneven wear can diminish the leather soles over time. When you first notice wear, it’s time to visit a shoemaker.

Cleavage of the soles. If the upper part of your shoes starts to move away from the sole, it is time to replace it. The splitting of the soles is caused by various factors, water damage, as well as an attempt to dry the shoes next to a direct heat source (such as a radiator for the house). If you have a tendency to get your toes dirty or you would like to wear shoes in wet weather, watch out for any signs of splitting of the soles. You can also choose to put a thin rubber band on your soles to help you with extra protection – we advise that this is the best practice for any footwear you intend to wear in wet weather. We recommend that you dry your shoes naturally, away from direct sunlight or direct heat, with the sole facing up, so that they can breathe and dry completely.

Water damage. This may not be a big problem for shoes with rubber soles or shoes with mass production of soles with a leather effect, however, luxury leather soles are prone to water damage. If it still rains, just make sure your shoes are dry enough before you put them on again. Don’t forget to dry them naturally, so that the soles are facing up and away from any direct or strong heat source.

AP shoes are made of fine leather and high quality materials, which will last with good care and attention over the years. If you have any additional questions about the care and nurturing of your AP shoes, feel free to contact us at

Love and nurture your shoes and they will reciprocate with longevity.